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Research: Ionic Detox Foot Bath Is Not A Scam

Ionic Foot Bath Scam? Absolutely not if you are using actual medical equipment. These blood cells from before the ionic foot bath help prove it!Detox Foot Bath Scam? Absolutely not if you are using actual medical equipment. These blood cells from after the detox foot bath help prove it!No, the ionic detox foot bath is not a scam and the research proves it!  Independent researchers, drew blood before and after the detox process.  Then, pictures were taken of the blood using a special camera that detects toxins as cloudiness.  Look at the “BEFORE” and “AFTER” pictures of the blood.  In the “BEFORE” picture,  the toxins in the blood (represented by cloudiness) are waiting to be taken into one of the cells (circles) to be broken down.

Look at the smaller round cells and notice the cloudiness concentrated inside. These are the white blood cells that are taking in the toxins to try to break them down so they won’t be so harmful to the body.  The body breaks down the toxins, releases them back into the blood and removes them from the body.  Some of the cloudy toxins inside the cells (circles) represent toxins that the cells are unable to break down properly.  For example, toxins such as mercury from fillings in teeth tend to build up in these cells and eventually kill the cells.  It takes a lot of energy to keep making the cells to replace the ones that die as well as all the others needed to manage all of the toxins.  Therefore, the body of a person dealing with this situation diverts their energy into this process.  Diverting the energy can cause the person to experience fatigue.  The worse this situation gets, the more severe the fatigue tends to get.


Ionic Detox Foot Bath Scam? Absolutely not if you are using actual medical equipment. These blood cells from after the ionic detox foot bath help prove it!

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Scam?
Not A Scam If The Toxins Really Are Gone

Ionic detox foot baths are not a SCAM! Notice that the “After” picture has very little cloudiness. The  ionic detox foot bath really has helped the body release the toxins.  That is why the process can be considered a total body cleanse and dermal chelation as we call it!  Look at the dark area outside the cells (circles).  This is the blood that is no longer cloudy because our equipment has aided the body in the removal of the toxins that were present.  It looks like the equipment rinsed the cells. Actually, the body released the toxins from both the cells and the blood. These toxins truly are what you will see collecting around your ankles in the water of the ion foot bath.  Since each person’s toxic load is different, the resulting detox water will be very different as you can see in the pictures we have collected for you to all throughout this website.  Yes, the detailed independent research proves that toxins really are removed!


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