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Success With Sleep Issues Associated With Autism

dark green leafy vegetables: collard greensYour child’s body will take the calcium and other minerals from dark green leafy vegetables and other supplements to coat the heavy metals.  This will make them less toxic to the body.  As a result, if your child doesn’t get extra calcium, there will be very little available to initiate the release of melatonin from the brain to allow meaningful sleep to occur.  Unless mega doses of calcium and other minerals are given, your child may have a hard time falling asleep or may wake during the night.  Once the calcium levels are increased to the needed levels, most autistic children stop having trouble sleeping.

Liquid Calcium SupplementAs the dermal chelation water begins to clear, the amount of metal being released into the water will have decreased.  It makes sense that the level of heavy metals in the brain has also decreased at this point.  This means that the stem cells can now survive the brain’s environment.  Therefore, they can begin replacing brain cells and regenerating the brain tissue.  This is very similar to what happens with newborn infants.  As a result, newborns sleep most of the time.  Once the autistic child’s brain finally begins to heal, we have noticed that they sleep more.  Some children sleep as much as 12 hours at night and still take a nap for a few hours during the day.  Some are groggy and have a hard time staying awake during the day.  This excessive sleeping tends to occur for days at a time intermittently though it can happen consistently as well.  During these times, it is important to increase the amount of calcium and other minerals ingested by the child.  This is usually done with vitamins and supplements.

A child we worked with in the UK slept for four days.  She would awaken to eat, get her supplements and then go back to sleep.  After four days, she awakened as a totally new child.  She was no longer afraid of water.  She brushed her teeth and bathed without hesitation.  She allowed her hair to be washed and combed.  She stopped taking the ponytail holders out of her hair.  When she went to the trampoline park, she stopped clinging to her mother as she would usually do and left her mother behind going all around the park participating in activities.  She gleefully climbed on the ropes and even jumped on the trampolines.

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