Optimum Healthcare Center Payments

Payments for appointments can be made in person at our center and will be charged as you see below.   Payments can also be made over the phone by calling our center.  Finally, if you prefer, they can be made here by using the following:

Payments Accepted: Debit/Credit Cards, Cash, Checks, PayPal

Natural Healthcare Center Payments Accepted


Credit/Debit Cards:
All payments made with a debit or credit card get charged a fee from the card holding company.  These fees were increased in 2018.  As a result, we are now passing these fees on to anyone who chooses to pay with a debit or credit card.  The fees will be added here once you enter the Paypal system.  To avoid these fees, we suggest you use Cash App.  Simply follow the Cash App instructions below.

Cards Accepted: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover

Cash App:
Simply download Cash App to your phone.  Then enter referral code BHBDWRJ which will earn you $5 when you make your first payment.  Connect Cash App to your bank or credit card.  Note that Cash App will charge you a fee if you use your credit card as your method of pay.  You will send your Cash App payment to $OptimumHealth or 804-677-6061.  Either way, the payment will make it to our facility.

Medical Flex Pay:
After your paying for your services, submit your sales receipt to your employer for reimbursement.

Even when natural health works every time, insurance companies are not obligated to cover the cost.

Check, Cash


Make a payment now:





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