Detoxification Specialist Certification Program

Optimum Health’s detoxification specialist certification program gives your clients the assurance of your mastery of the this process.  Mastering the process presented in this program will help understand the organs involved.  Consequently, your clients will see you as a knowledgeable professional.  In fact, they will know that you can keep them safe during this process.  Indeed, this will be especially important when they are expelling very lethal substances.  This program can also give you a measure of your personal and professional accomplishments.

In all honesty, you should know that you are free to give ionic detox foot baths without being certified.  However, this course can give you the much needed confidence to succeed in your career choice.

After Detox Conversation CDS Course copy Making a towel boot on the foot.



Optimum Health’s detoxification specialist certification program is a rigorous, self-paced course taught at the college level. You will be trained:

  1. In the anatomy and physiology of many of the organs involved in the detox process.
  2. Additionally in the signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.
  3. In the signs and symptoms of toxicity as well.
  4. In the basics of hair analysis as it pertains to the detox process.
  5. Also in the use of the equipment as well as understanding, recording and explaining the results.
  6. Particularly in professional etiquette for interacting with clients.
  7. In recognizing when to make referrals to other natural health practitioners and physicians.
  8. Lastly, the basics of business as they pertain to ionic foot bath detoxification.

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Learn About The Detox Results Below

This course will help you understand everything you see in the detox water below.  This means you will understand the colors and the textures.  In fact, you will even understand the timing for the presentation of substances in the resulting detox water.   Equally, you will know how all of the substances correlate with issues the client is experiencing!

           Control                                     Client 1                                          Client 2    

Detox Water: Control      Detox Results       Detox - Joints - Orange and Black


Detox Water: Control      Detox Results Picture: Black Film      DETOX RESULTS - YELLOW GREEN

            Control                                    Client 3                                        Client 4


Optimum Health offers this course in Total Body Detoxification for professionals.  This course will help you do more than just turn on the machine.  Most importantly,  you need to understand how this equipment interacts with the organs involved in serious health situations.  Since this process initiates a specific type of healing, you need to know how to support the that process.  Finally, you need to be able to answer your client’s questions accurately and professionally.  Doing so will allow your clients to view you as a knowledgeable source of guidance through this process.


Instructor teaching sitting


Tianya Clark, B.S., CNHP

Natural Health Practitioner


Sample Course Work

Do the first samplings of our course below.  This will let you determine if this is the right course for you.  If you like it, do the next sampling of the course below.  In this way, you will have realistic expectations should you decide to move forward with taking this course.



Should you decide that you want to take the course, look below for the “course registration” link.  Use that link to access the registration form.   Fill out the form and mail, fax or email to our center. Then locate the “Course Fees” link below.  Pay for the class and will will forward you the passwords needed to get started.  It’s just that simple.  In any case, we hope you find a way to move forward with helping your clients heal in amazing ways!

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