Fight or Flight: ADD/ADHD

Fight or fight response is like confronting a lion.Fight Or Flight: What Is It?

The fight or flight response is the body’s reaction to a “perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival.”  The fight or flight response is best understood by imagining that you are running through the woods in the dark trying to get away from a lion.  Imagine that, while running, you are preparing to turn to fight the lion if necessary!


Fight Or Flight: ADD/ADHD Type Symptoms

Fight or Flight: Noticable EffectsThe fight or flight response prepares your body to fight the lion or take to flight.  While the lion is chasing you in the dark, it is in your best interest to keep scanning all around you surveying the area so you can notice every little thing that might give away the lions location.    In this situation, it would be detrimental to focus in on only one thing and exclude other information that could give away the lions location.  Therefore, you try to take in everything.  This is what it is like to have ADD.  Having ADD is like having someone constantly Fight or Flight: Hidden Effectschanging the channel of your mind.  Isn’t that what you would do as you check every location all around you for the lion?

In order to outrun the lion, your body has to gear up for activity.  Can you imagine having the lion coming towards you and someone asking you to sit still and be calm and focus on the book they want you to read or the lesson that is being taught by the teacher or the statement that the boss is making in the meeting?  With ADHD not only are you looking for the lion’s location, you are prepared to run from the lion.


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