Nutrients for a Healthy Detox

Stretching HappilyWhy Add Detoxification Nutrients For A Healthy Detox?

To have a healthy detox, you must meed the needs of your body and the detox process.  Let’s consider fueling the detox process.  First, you must realize that some of your cells have been accumulating toxins until they have filled. Once filled, they lock themselves to ensure that the toxins do not escape. At this point, the cells are committing suicide. They will starve to death. Once the ionic foot bath unlocks the cells and allows them to release the toxins.  The cells can now take in nutrients. We call the nutrients that these cells will ingest nutrients for a healthy detox. It is important to have enough of these detoxification nutrients in your blood once these cells are unlocked and can finally be able to take in nutrients again.


Assistance With Healthy Detox Nutrients:

To have a healthy detox, it is extremely important to get qualified assistance with the detoxification process and the detoxification nutrients. A qualified detoxification specialist can help you:

  • Get enough DETOXIFICATION NUTRIENTS to fuel this process and have a healthy detox.
  • Get enough WATER to flush your system and ensure a healthy detox.
  • Empty your BOWELS frequently to remove the toxins from you body to promote a healthy detox.


What Are The Detoxification Nutrients For A Healthy Detox?

A healthy detox requires that you increase nearly all of your nutrients to provide a buffet of nutrients for the starving cells to feed on. However, the following are some of the detoxification nutrients that are extremely important.

Eggs, good for you!Healthy Detox Nutrients: Protein

Protein will help you crave water to rinse your system.  It will also keep your immune system strong enough to deal with all of the extra processes and possible irritants that may be moving through you system as you cleanse your body.

Healthy Detox Nutrients: B Vitamins

B vitamins are your helper vitamins, so they will help many of the extra process that will occur. B vitamins help turn sugar into energy which will be needed to fuel the cleansing process which may be massive.

dark green leafy vegetables: collard greensHealthy Detox Nutrients: Calcium & Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are used by the muscles to contract and relax. If you clean your muscles, they may absorb a lot of calcium from your blood.

Healthy Detox: Missing Detoxification Nutrients?

You cannot have a healthy detox if you are missing detoxification nutrients. Without the proper detoxification nutrients, you may feel tired and may want to sleep. You could experience flu-like symptoms as your protein in pulled from your immune system and sent to fuel this detox process. Also, you could have heart flutters.  The heart flutters are due to a lack calcium availability to the heart.  Unfortunately, the calcium is pulled away from your heart and sent to feed the muscle cells that were just unlocked and literally starving to death. You could experience cramping if you do not have enough magnesium to help the muscles relax.


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Woman Drinking WaterHealthy Detox: Requires Water Flushing

To promote a healthy detox you must drink enough water to flush your body several times a day or you may not clear the toxins properly. The toxins may sit near the organs that released them and can cause pain. Therefore, if you cleansed your:

  • MUSCLES, you may feel pain in many of your muscles all over your body as the toxins sit there and irritate them.
  • LIVER, you may feel pain over the lower portion of the right side of your rib cage.
  • URINARY TRACT, you may feel pain just above your pubic region and/or on one or both sides of your lower back.
  • JOINTS, you may feel pain in any of the joints that you cleansed.


Healthy Detox: Requires Emptying Your Bowels Regularly

A healthy detox requires that the toxins that get dumped into your intestines for removal get removed quickly. These toxins cannot be allowed to just sit there. If too many toxins are sitting in your intestines, they can begin to irritate your intestines. The toxins can also begin to re-enter the blood stream. This is called re-absorption. Encourage a healthy detox! Prevent irritation of your intestines and re-absorption, empty your bowels at least twice a day.

Take the correct detoxification nutrients, drink your water and empty your bowels regularly and you should experience a very healthy detox.

It is also important to work with a qualified and experienced healthcare professional when detoxing as they can help you when problems arise. For more information on this topic, call to speak with on of our specialist.


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