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Happy WomanOur services for restoring Optimum Health really do help you feel THAT good again! Over and over again we hear our clients say,

“I really do feel GREAT!

“How is it possible for me to be feeling this good again?!”

“I just can’t believe I feel so good!”

“How long will feeling this good last?”

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The Triad Approach to Restoring Optimum Health

We utilize a triad approach to restoring Optimum Health.  It is dedicated to providing the highest level of traditional, holistic and natural alternative methods possible. We have the highest respect for the design of the human.  This respect causes us to work in harmony with the way the body functions. In fact, we search for the root of the problem! In doing so, we have found that placing our focus on the following three key concepts/modalities causes major health changes.  Indeed, this process pushes each of our clients toward their optimum health status.

Services for Restoring Optimum Health: Ensuring Quality Nutrients

We do a primary wellness consultation that includes a nutritional assessment to determine deficient nutrients.  Then, we recommend quality nutrients from real food because your body can tell the difference. It is important to balance these quality nutrients the way nature balances them.  Then, the nutrients must be handle in such a way that they are not destroyed.  Finally, the nutrients must still be capable of being used by the body to promote health. But more than just ensuring quality nutrients is needed when restoring optimum health.

Encouraging Good Intestinal Function

Our process encourages good intestinal function.  Indeed, this is a must when restoring optimum health. Why?  Because encouraging good intestinal function will ensure that the body is free of intestinal parasites and fully capable of breaking down its nutrients.  It also ensures that the nutrients will make it to your blood where they are to be used. Finally, encouraging good intestinal function helps your body expel the toxins from your blood into the commode.

We have an accomplished natural health practitioner on site to assist with restoring optimum health by ensuring quality nutrients.

Total Body Detox, AfterServices for Restoring Optimum Health: Assisting With The Removal of Harmful Toxins

The removal of the harmful toxins can leave you feeling invigorated!  We do it with the ionic detox foot bath process which we call total body cleansing. Total body cleansing removes the harmful toxins without removing your precious minerals. This process also allows your body to determine the order of toxins removed. This can be very important in cases where serious illness is present.

Meridians and acupoints

Services for Restoring Optimum Health: Enabling The Energy and Neural Pathways to Function Properly

The energy and neural pathways must flow properly or your body will be unable to control and optimize the healing process. A pinched nerve does not allow the signal from the brain to flow to the body. It also does not allow the body to send the feedback that your brain needs in order to make good healing decisions for you. In a similar manner, a kink in the energy pathways prevent the healing process from occurring fully.

In order to help your energy pathways function fully,we have a certified recommend health kinesiologyAmber Terrell, MSW, our health kinesiologist, is more than capable to assist you. To help your neural pathways function fully, we can help you select a capable chiropractor.

Services for Restoring Emotional Health: Emotional Liberation Therapy

Healthy, Happy Woman

Emotional liberation therapy (ELT) identifies emotions that are preventing your happiness.  These emotions may be from a previous time period.  In fact, they may continue to color your view of the present creating undesirable thoughts and behaviors.   Eliminate these emotions in a matter of minutes and experience the here and now without the harmful coloring that these emotions can inflict.


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