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Dermal Chelation Therapy: Removing Heavy Metals

Chelation: Metals Released

DermChel+ Equipment, LabeledDermal chelation therapy is a way of removing heavy metals through the pores of the skin on the feet. At Optimum Health, we use the DermChel+ System that has been given European Class IIa medical approval. This dermal chelation therapy process is widely accepted throughout the world as a way to remove heavy metals.  Actually, it is a common practice in Italy, France, Europe, China, Japan, Germany, Holland, and some parts of the United States.

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How Does Dermal Chelation Remove Heavy Metals?

DermChel+ Equipment

Using dermal chelation to remove heavy metals can be a very soothing experience.  At Optimum Health you relax with your feet in a warm bath of water. The electrical forces unlock your cells which allows them to release their unwanted metals. The specialized electrical current breaks down the water into its ions. The equipment will magnetize the oxygen and push it towards the DermChel+ Equipmentbottom of your feet.  Next, some of the oxygen enters the pores of your feet.  Then, it makes it way into your blood stream.  Once in your blood stream, the oxygen holds on to the toxins  such as metals. Then, the magnet pulls the oxygen back out through the pores of your feet.  Finally, the metals get a free ride out of the body with the oxygen.

DermChel+ Equipment

In fact, you will see the metals collect at your feet. Actually, this process gives all your cells a chance to remove their toxic metals.  It also allows the release of many other types of unwanted toxins. Therefore, this isn’t just chelation, it is a total body cleanse!



Dermal Chelation Can Give a Happy Ending.

Click here or the picture below to to see how this process helped Landon start on his happy ending.

Autism: A Happy Ending Landon's Story

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