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Methadone Recovery Success

Feeling Good Again!True methadone recovery success starts with accepting that withdrawal free help is available.  Read the following client’s experience and then come and see for yourself how easy it is to recover from a methadone addiction and get your life back!

A client has been in an excruciating amount of nerve pain for over five years. As a result, methadone is one of the 6 prescription pain killers she has been taking for many years. She traveled from coast to coast to see physicians to get prescriptions for these very powerful and addictive pain killers. Unfortunately, even with all of the pain killers in her system, she reported her pain level as 30 on a scale of zero to ten.

Methadone Recovery Success Details

At her first appointment, we discussed the possibility of helping her nerves heal so she would no longer be in pain and no longer need methadone. She found it hard to believe such a possibility could exist. Fortunately for her, after one month of following our program to the best of her ability, her body healed to the point where the pain killers were able to block nearly all of her pain. By the end of the second month she reported a pain level of zero! She automatically began to decrease her as needed pain meds. However, she was afraid to try to decrease the methadone because of the horror stories she had heard about how hard it was to get off of methadone.

Eventually, she was ready to try decreasing her methadone. As she began dropping her methadone dose, she was surprised that she didn’t feel anything negative. We explained once again that our total body cleanse process removes the substances that cause the withdrawal symptoms. Once those are removed, there is nothing present in the body to cause issues.


We are here for a withdrawal free recovery. The only thing you have to lose are the symptoms.

Call today, its time for your new beginning!

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