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Fight or Flight & Insomnia

Fight or fight response is like confronting a lion.Fight or Flight & Insomnia

The fight or flight response prepares your body to fight the lion or take to flight.  As long as the lion is chasing you, it is not in your best interest to feel sleepy.  Nor is it in your best interest to even think about sleep.  Instead, your body is set for action.  As a result, you will not relax and allow sleep to ensue until the fight or flight response has passed.

Coming Out of the Fight or Flight Response

Head and shoulders mid age couple sleepingTo come out of the fight or flight response, you must think about something that does not provoke you.  Nor can you think about things that tense you up to fight or take to flight.

It can also be helpful to lay on your bed for a while.  This will allow the blood to leave your arms and legs and return to your internal organs.  Once this happens, the fight or flight response can pass. Try some calm and soothing music or a silly movie while you lay down for a while.  A relaxing conversation with a loved one can help as well.

Soothing Your Adrenal Glands

Soothing your adrenal glands may be necessary to come out of the fight or flight response and stop the insomnia.  Ginseng, Licorice, B vitamins and Vitamin C are all needed to sooth the adrenal glands.  Note that the licorice needs to be used with caution if you have high blood pressure.  Why?  Because licorice may make your blood pressure higher.

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