Withdrawal Free Prescription Drug Abuse Recovery

Withdrawal free prescription drug abuse recovery is possible.  A withdrawal free detox begins here.

Your new life can begin here because…

Drugs Are Not The Answer

“When I woke up the next morning I felt 100 times better.  Why didn’t my doctors tell me about this?”

Waking and feeling good!

“I felt so relaxed in just a few minutes.  I can’t believe all of my urges are gone!  When I went to work, I could actually think again.”

Happy Smiling Woman


“My dealer doesn’t even bother to come around anymore!”


Happy and Drug Free


Withdrawal Free Prescription Drug Abuse Recovery


Recover is this way...   Total Body Detox, Before  Total Body Detox, After

Yes, a drug free, withdrawal free detox is possible!  Our total body cleanse process actually removes the substances related to the prescription drugs and various other drugs from the body through the pores of your feet. While our total body cleanse detox removes the drugs without withdrawal symptoms, we focus on making sure that you have the nutrients needed to fuel the massive process that your body will be undertaking.

Male addicted to prescription drugs wanting recovery!

We recognize that many prescription drug abusers simply want to be able to leave the drugs behind.  All that is wanted is for the withdrawal symptoms to stop to allow one to be able to relax and say,


“I can’t believe I am not craving the drugs at all anymore.   I just feel great!”


Confident Drug-Free Man


Our Guarantee

Optimum Health guarantee’s you a withdrawal free experience.  I am Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP and I promise you that our team will work hard to ease you through this process smoothly.

I work with each person personally to make sure that you remain healthy, emotionally sound and full of energy through your entire detox process.

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