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What are Amino Acids

To illustrate, think of protein as a strand of pearls.  The entire strand of pearls would represent a strand of protein.  The individual pearls would represent the individual  amino acids that are the building blocks of protein.  The type of pearls used determine the type of  pearl necklace you will have.  In a like manner, the type of amino acids used determine the type of protein made.
Paralleling Individual Pearls in the Strand to Amino Acids
Hair, Muscle and Skin
Altering the amino acids used, among other things, will determine whether the protein will look like hair, skin or muscles.  It will determine whether the function of the protein will be to cut things (called enzymes).  Or to tighten your skin (called collagen) or control vital processes (called hormones).  As you can see, they have many functions in your body.  Therefore, it is important to meet your specific needs or else protein deficiency symptoms will appear.



What are Essential Amino Acids?

Essential amino acids are the ones that your body cannot make.   Think of essential amino acids as the ones it is essential for us to have in our food.  Once you ingest these essential amino acids, your body can use them to produce all of the others.  Then, your body will have all the amino acids needed  The essential amino acids are isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

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