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Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Microscope with test tubesA heavy metals panel may be ordered if your doctor suspects that you have been exposed to one or more heavy metals.  Keep in mind that this will be a blood test that may come back normal.  Why?  Because the body will hide the metals as it attempts to do all it can to keep the blood values normal. For example, the body will remove lead from the blood and hide/store it in the bone marrow.  Doctors acknowledge that the lead will not appear in the blood a few months after exposure.  Therefore, the blood test don’t show issues with metal toxicity until they are extremely severe. The body has to be so inundated with heavy metals that it has run out of places to store it in order for the blood levels to become elevated.  Generally speaking, metal toxicity is often overlooked  by doctors because they are not taught about it in medical school.  As a result, heavy metals and the source of their exposure are not widely known or mentioned when one goes to see a physician.

Total Body Detox, AfterTesting at Optimum Health

We remove some of the heavy metals with our total body cleanse process.  Then we test the resulting water for heavy metals.  We also use hair tissue mineral analysis to test your hair to see if it has been used by your body as a storage place for heavy metals.  Then we use the test results to help create your individual Recipe for Health.  This Recipe for Health will contain suggestions to help you reach your optimum health status.  If you desire, we will be with you every step of the way!


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