Aching Joints

Aching Knee

Do you have aching joints?

Aching joints can be extremely troublesome especially if your aching joints cause you to limit your movement.  When your joints ache do you reach for the pain killers?  Pain killers will stop you from feeling the aching but it won’t help the joint heal.  It won’t help resolve the problem.

Why do I have aching joints?

If your aching joints are a minor problem for your, then you may only be dealing with inflammation in your joints.  By the time you have severe pain in your joints that causes you to
Joint damage - isteoarthritiswant to limit your movement, your joint may be looking like the picture to the left.  See the white layer covering the bone.  That is cartilage.  The cartilage acts like a pillow to cushion the tips of your bone.  See the hole in the cartilage.  In the area where the hole is located, the tip of the bone is exposed and that is very painful.  Taking pain killers and allowing doctors to give you injections into a joint like this stops you from feeling the pain and gives the joint more time to fester.  As a result, you will be headed for joint replacement surgery where all of the cartilage will be removed and metal will be put in its place.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO LET THIS HAPPEN!  Instead, look for methods that will actually help the joint to heal.

Total Body Cleanse Detox

How can my joints stop aching?

Your joints can stop aching when we help them heal!  You simply need to fuel your body’s healing processes and help your body remove the arthritic inflammation and toxins that may be irritating the joints.  How do you do this?

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Fuel the Healing Process to Stop  the Pain of Aching Joints

At Optimum Health we fuel the healing process for aching joints by doing a nutritional assessment to see which nutrients are needed and then recommend the appropriate supplements and dietary changes.  In doing so, we super charge your ability to heal your aching joints.

Total Body Cleanse Detox, Orange WaterRemove Inflammation and Toxins to Stop the Pain of Aching Joints

Your body can remove inflammation and toxins from your aching joints with special foods and their oils that have been proven to work.  Our total body cleanse turns the water orange as you see to the left when it is allowing your body to remove arthritic inflammation and  toxins from the joints.  We have clients that are shocked at how much better their joints feel after just one cleanse.  Our client’s hair analysis indicate the metals present that can destroy a joint.  The hair analysis always indicates that the levels of those metals are decreased to normal or totally DETOX RESULTS - YELLOW GREENeliminated if needed.  These are truly methods that help your body heal!

Try Our Total Body Cleanse…It May Be Your Answer!

When the water turns orange during the total body cleanse as you see above, our clients usually tell us that their joints feel better afterwards.  They tell us that the pain has simply disappeared.  Their joints stop aching  and loosen.  One client came back the next evening to state that he thought the cleanse took 2.5 minutes off his 4 mile run. Keep in mind that the water may turn green or have a lot of bubbly foam on it as the other pictures here indicates. This means that you body is working on more than just the joints.

Detox Results PictureEveryone has a toxic load!

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