Fibromyalgia Pain Gone!

HAPPILY FIBROMYALGIA FREEFibromyalgia pain can be gone for good.  Hope starts here!  EVERY client that was diagnosed with fibromyalgia has became pain free and stayed pain!  Yes, for 6 years now, fibromyalgia clients who cleansed their muscles with our total body cleanse process typically become pain free.  Their fibromyalgia pain is usually gone with the first treatment.  Clients diagnosed with more severe cases of fibromyalgia may not become pain free until the second or third treatment.  Their physicians take them off all fibromyalgia medicines once their pain is gone.  

Do you have fibromyalgia pain in your muscles?
Is a loving hug painful?
Does the slightest movement make you cringe?
Are you tired of being told to accept your situation?

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When it is cold outside, I hurt all over.  It feels like a toothache that someone is sticking something into.  It really hurts.  I have to take my medicine then…I had my first detoxification yesterday.  I didn’t notice much of a difference then.  But today, it is snowing outside and I am not hurting at all.  No medicine and pain free!”

Joyce K., Richmond, Virginia


detox with foot massage

Eliminating the Cause of Fibromyalgia Pain

Eliminating the cause of fibromyalgia pain is simple when you consider how toxic muscles can become.  Toxins built up in the muscles can cause extreme amounts of pain.  Remove the toxins and there is no more fibromyalgia pain.  How do we remove the toxins?  With our total body cleanse process.  This process simply unlocks the muscle cells and allows them to release their toxins.  Then we top it off with a soothing reflexology foot massage.  Nearly all clients feel the difference in their pain level immediately!


 Our clients regularly get off their medications and continue pain free for years!


“I have been pain free and without medicine for so long that I keep wondering can it really be true.”  

Pat B. Richmond, Virginia

.                              fibromyalgia causes

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Leave your pain behind today!


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