How Much Fiber Do I Need?

Daily fiber needed can range from 25-35mg daily.  This means that you should have 25-35mg of fiber in your food and/or supplements each day.  If you fall significantly below this range, you may suffer from constipation and the re-absorption of toxins from the colon back into your blood stream.  This makes it important to really understand just what fiber is and where it can be found.

What is fiber?

 Fiber is the part of your food that your body cannot digest.  Therefore, it is the part of your food that will help bulk up your fecal matter creating appropriate sized bowel movements.  Fiber also holds onto toxins and helps remove them from your body with each bowel movement.


How many grams of fiber are needed for each bowel movement?

Typically, 3-6 mg of fiber are needed for a bowel movement.  If you fall significantly below this range, the content of your colon can sit in your colon too long.  The longer it sits there, the dryer it becomes.  This leads to constipation.

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