Muscle Testing

Muscle testing can be a very valuable aid to understanding what your body needs to heal. Therefore, understanding how it works and exactly what happens can be very beneficial.

Muscle Testing: How does it work?

Muscle testing works similar to a lie detector test.  Just as the lie detector can tell if you are giving a true or false response, the practitioner can tell if you are giving a true or false response. Therefore questions are asked that will allow your body to indicate if it is a true or false statement. The human body likes truths. Therefore, truths make the body stronger so the muscles will get a bit stronger when it experiences truths. The body does not like false statements. Therefore, false statements stress the body and make it weaker. These response happen automatically. The practitioner will ask the question and check to see if your muscles become weaker or stronger.

Muscle Testing: What happens?

For muscle testing, the Health Kinesiology practitioner picks one muscle to be the body’s “indicator muscle.” The muscle will either relax (unlock) for a false/stressful response or stay strong (locked) for a true/non-stressful response. There is no sensation involved with muscle testing. Muscle testing simply monitors electrochemical responses that occur naturally in the body when it is exposed to a false (stressful) or true (non-stressful) stimuli. Muscle testing is used to allow your body to guide us through whatever it needs. We recognize that your body already knows if it is struggling to heal your kidneys or lungs for example.


Muscle Testing: What Do We Avoid?

At Optimum Health our practitioner maintains contact with the client while muscle testing is being done. Our practitioner does not use such things as internal vision, auras, and the use of a pendulum when muscle testing. We do not ask about things that the body has no ability to know.  Finally, we do not involve prayers or any other contact with possible spirits whether thought to be good or bad spirits  We deal strictly with the science of how the body is made and operates.

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