PMS: Menstrual Cramps and Pain

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PMS Menstrual cramps and  pain should not be a part of your menstrual cycle.  Many years ago we recognized that your menstrual cycle should last for three days with no cramps and/or pain!  The first and last day of your menstrual cycle should be spotting while the second day should be a light flow.  There should be no menstrual cramps, discomfort or pain associated with your menstrual cycle.  If pain is part of your menstrual cycle, consider the topics below.

Stop PMS, Menstrual Cramps:

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Yes, you can stop PMS menstrual cramps!  How?  With calcium and magnesium.  Calcium and magnesium are needed to contract and relax muscles.  Adding in calcium magnesium before going to bed and at least once during the day can give your muscles what they need to contract and relax completely without cramping.  It may take up to 30 days of taking the calcium magnesium before the cramps are completely eliminated because your body will be using the calcium magnesium for many things, not just to stop the cramps.

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What Type of Calcium Magnesium Is Best For PMS Period Cramps?

Use calcium citrate or coral calcium as these will help get rid of your menstrual cramps for good because they are easily absorbed by your body.  The calcium magnesium supplement should be 2 parts calcium to each part magnesium.  For example, if there is 300mg of magnesium, then there needs to be 600mg of calcium.  It is a good idea that the supplement also have vitamin D, and a few minerals to help your body use the calcium and magnesium properly.  Nearly all brands seem to work.

Stop PMS Menstrual Cramps With The Right Foods

Foods rich in calcium and magnesium will help get rid of the PMS menstrual cramps.  This would be dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and  collard greens.  Carrot juice, cheddar cheese, goats milk and yogurt are also excellent foods that will stop PMS period cramps.

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