Addiction Recovery Testimonials

Addiction Recovery: Antwan S, Richmond, VA

Confident Drug-Free Man

“I was shaking really bad because I was in need of my next fix.  About 15 minutes after the detox started, I realized I wasn’t shaking and then I realized that the urge for more drugs was gone.  I had a job interview the next day.  They wanted to do a urine test for drugs.  I was sure that I wouldn’t pass but I did.  Optimum Health has really helped me.”


“I spent over 15 years being addicted to drugs.  I relapsed constantly ending up spending months at the crack house.  I am happy to be free of drugs for 3 years now.  I have my family and my self respect back again!   I am thankful.”


Addiction Recovery:   Michael J,  Richmond, VA

“I came to Optimum Health convinced that I was not an alcoholic even though the ride there left my father’s  car smelling like my favorite alcoholic beverage.  I was surprised that the detox water smelled like my favorite alcoholic beverage and then I no longer smelled like it.  Working with my emotions was difficult as I was in denial.  My phrase that I had to work with was “I am not NOT an alcoholic.”  It worked.  I remember passing a liquor store on the way home and getting extremely angry that I had let it ruin my life.  Normally, the liquor store calls out to me and I have a hard time resisting the urge to go in and dive into my favorite drink.  Not this time.  I wasn’t making my father’s car smell like liquor and I was actually angry that I had let the liquor in that ABC store ruin my life.  What a change.”


Addiction Recovery: Dee W,  Richmond, VA

“I had been doing cocaine for many years.  At one point, I gave my whole pay check for drugs.  As a result, I had no feeling in my hands from all the drugs that I had done. I had already been clean for 5 years by the time I came to Optimum Health so, I expected nothing.  I was surprised that the water actually smelled like cocaine.  Smelling the water even made my nose tingle the way snorting made my nose tingle.  Imagine that!  After 5 years of not doing any, it was still there in my system.  The most pleasant surprise came after the detox when I realized that I could feel my fingers again.  I just kept rubbing myself and saying, “I can feel me!”  That was a wonderful day!”

Shouting it from the rooftops!

Addiction Recovery: W. W, Richmond, VA

“Though my husband decided I had to go to Optimum Health because nothing else was working, I did not want to go.  I expected nothing because I was sure that if the large traditional facility that I was going to was unable to help me, Optimum Health would not be able to do so.

I was very argumentative and persistent as I expressed my disbelief. I left my appointment convinced that I had not been helped.  However, after eating my next meal, I noticed that I was able to keep it down for the first time in a long time.  The next morning I woke up feeling good.  All withdrawal symptoms had subsided.  I was shocked.

I called Optimum Health and gave them my good news.  I told them that I just could not believe that withdrawal free assistance is available and no one is shouting it from the roof tops!”

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