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Muscle Pain Relief: Lori, Richmond, VA

“I searched for muscle pain relief for over a year when my doctor told me I had fibromyalgia and prescribed some medicine to give me muscle pain relief.  I didn’t want to take the medicine so I came to Optimum Health for an initial consultation hoping they could help me get the muscle pain I was searching for.  I had my first detox then.  My muscle pain dropped from 12 on a 0-10 pain scale down to a 3 by the time the detox was over.
The next day, I noticed that I did not have any muscle pain.  Total muscle pain relief!  My muscles didn’t hurt me again for 8 whole months.  I was very pleased.  They have been hurting again now.  So I am back at Optimum Health.  I will be coming once a month for regular detoxes this time.  I am hoping that my muscles will never hurt again!”


Muscle Pain Relief: Sandra B, Richmond, VA

“I looked for muscle pain relief for many years. The doctors’ suggestions didn’t seem to offer any relief. Last year I was introduced to Optimum Health’s foot detox and nutritional counseling. The treatments plus the supplements have given me many more pain-free days than I expected.” 

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Muscle Pain Relief: Lillian M, Richmond, VA

“I started looking for muscle pain relief in the 1980’s when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Normally large gatherings are stressful for me and cause my fibromyalgia pain to flair up. I have to take 2 Tylenol with Codeine every 4 hours and end up in the bed struggling with the pain. I have tried many medical suggestions only to get very little fibromyalgia pain relief.

I came to Optimum Health a week ago. After having two detoxes and beginning a supplemental routine, I had a large family gathering. I was very pleased that I only had to take a total of one Tylenol with Codeine each day and I never ended up in the bed struggling with fibromyalgia pain. This is unbelievable.  True muscle pain relief!   I know I have been helped!

Finally, after nearly 30 years of dealing with fibromyalgia pain, I have true muscle pain relief. I am actually looking forward to my body healing!”


Muscle  Pain Relief: Patricia B, Richmond, VA

“Muscle pain relief seemed impossible after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, put on disability, and being in pain all the time so long. Not expecting much help, I went for my first total body detoxification. My muscle pain pain dropped down to zero by the time the detox was over. And then I had no fibromyalgia pain for two whole weeks!
Tianya told me that she was taught that the process enabled my body to release the toxins from my muscles and that is what gave the fibromyalgia pain relief.
I have been detoxing for over a year now and amost never have any pain. For me, this has been true fibromyalgia pain relief!”


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