Should I Drink Purified Water Or Other Fluids With Meals?

man drinking waterYou should almost never drink purified water or other fluids with meals. Drinking water shortly before or with meals dilutes and weakens your stomach acids.  Once your stomach acid is diluted, it may not be able to turn on the enzymes that will break down your food.  Keep in mind that drinking other fluids shortly before or with your meals can also alter the stomach acid necessary to turn on your digestive enzymes. THE EXCEPTION: As you age, you may tend to produce less stomach acid. In this case, drinking room temperature water that has the juice of  a lime in it can be helpful. The lime is acidic and will help turn on your stomach acids. As the lime passes through your system, it helps alkalize your body. Therefore, typically use a lime’s juice and rarely use a lemon’s juice because lemons acidify your body.

Drink as little water or other fluids
before or with your meal as is possible.


When Should I Drink Water or Fluids?

To help digestion it is best to drink water or  other fluids at least two hours before or after a meal.  Drinking the fluids two hours before a meal helps with digestion as this allows the fluids to clear the stomach before the meal is eaten.  Drinking the fluids two hours after the meal allows the food to be digested and leave the stomach by the time the water enters. Because there are so many benefits to drinking water it is important to make sure you drink the proper amount of it at the proper time.


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What Type of Purified Water Should I Drink?

The type of purified water you should drink depends on your goal for your health at the time. Generally speaking, spring water from a good source (such as Deer Park) is a wonderful way to get water that is alive and beneficial.  Spring water from a good old-fashioned spring can be full of minerals that are beneficial to your body.  However, spring water can also be full of toxic metals and, if not processed correctly, parasites.  Therefore, if you are sick and need to heal, distilled water may be a better way to go.  It does not have minerals, but it should not have toxic substances and parasites either.  Filtered water is only going to be as beneficial as the filtration source.  Reverse osmosis removes most things from the water but still allows some substances to be present. Other forms of filtration remove very little from the water so make sure the filtration you choose is removing what you decide you want to remove.



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