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Stem Cells – Definition

Stem CellsA stem cell is an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism that is capable of producing more undifferentiated cells. Since these cells are capable of differentiating into more than one type of cell, they are said to be pluripotent cells (pluri = many, potent = potential).  They can also be said to be “an unspecialized cell  such as the hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow. 

Stem cells can  differentiate into other kinds of cell as well.   In other words, they can become heart cells or lung cells or nearly any other type of cell that the body needs.

What are stem cells

Simply put, stem cells are cells that have the ability to become nearly any kind of cell your body needs them to become.


What is the Difference Between a Stem Cell and the Cell Made When the Egg and Sperm Join?

When the egg and cell join, they make a cell that is capable of making a whole person.  Therefore, these cells are called omnipotent (omni = all, potent = potential).  When this cell divides into two cells, each cell is still omnipotent having the ability to make a whole person.  If these two cells separate, we get identical twins.  stem cells are not omnipotent, but pluripotent.  Stem cells, as far as we know, do not have the ability to make a whole person.  They do have the ability to become more than one type of cell.

Once cells reach a certain point, they can only become more of the type of cell that they are.  For example, heart cells can only become more heart cells and skin cells can only become more skin cells.  for this reason, these cells are said to be differentiated.

Colloidal Silver: Stem Cell Stimulation

Colloidal silver stimulates the body to produce larger amounts of stem cells.  Indeed, this is HUGE!  Why?  Because any healing process going on in your body can always use more of the healthy kind of cells that are healing.  Stem cells can actually enter the brain and become new brain cells to replace damaged one.  These cells can enter the heart, the lungs and any other organ and become new cells for that organ.  This has been documented by modern science

Currently in other countries, physicians are injecting placental stem cells into people with Parkinson’s disease.  These cells actually become new brain cells to replace the malfunctioning cells.  In all honesty, this procedure has proven very successful in eliminating their disease.  Even so, this is a very expensive process.  Truly, it is so much safer just to encourage a person’s body to simply increase its production these cells.  Indeed, increasing stem cell production can allow the body to fix its own problems. 

It has already been proven that drinking small amounts of colloidal silver increases stem cell production!  At low amounts of colloidal silver, there has been no observation or documentation of negative side effects!  Therefore, it is completely safe.

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