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The detox equipment that we use has been given European medical approval.  Many places in the world have accepted this process.  As a result, it is a common practice in Italy, France, Europe, China, Japan, Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom.  Indeed, Optimum Health is honored to bring this process to Virginia.

Detox just starting, water is still clean.       Detox - Resulting Water

At Optimum Health we allow you to relax with your feet in a warm bath of water.  See the white specialized electrical magnet in the middle of the foot bath? Its electrical forces break down the water into its ions.  The electrical forces also unlock your cells and allow them to begin dumping their toxins.  The oxygen ions enter your body and help pull the toxins out of your body.  As a result, these toxins collect at your feet.  Thus, the cells all over your body have a chance to release their toxins.  We call it a total body cleanse at its best!

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TENS Unit for TENS StimulationEquipment: TENS Unit

You can see the Trans Epithelial Neural Stimulation (TENS) Unit to the left.  Actually, hospitals and therapeutic facilities all throughout the United States use the TENS unit.  The traditional health system considers the TENS unit to be a standard piece of therapeutic equipment.  Therefore,  doctors can and will write a prescription for it.

The TENS unit passes a small current into your body that will stimulate your nerves.  Then, your muscles will move.  What isn’t quite as well known is that this same current will electrocute microbes and other parasites that live in your body.  Optimum Health takes advantage of this fact.  We use the TENS unit to assist with the removal of parasites, bacteria, fungi and the like.

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