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QuestionAt Optimum Health, we cannot recommend equipment other than the equipment that we use for very good reasons.  First, most of the “ionized foot baths” that you buy online will not give you the results that we obtain when we work with autistic children as they do not work properly. Some do not interact with the body at all. Also, removing the mercury and other substances needs to be done properly in order to get the proper results or you won’t get results and may have to deal with many problems occurring. For example, mercury is usually present in autistic children. If the mercury is not removed properly, migraines, strokes and even death can occur. Finally, along with removing the metal, you have to stimulate stem cell production in order to create new brain cells to replace the ones damaged by the mercury and other toxins that led to a diagnosis of autism in the first place. It is with this in mind that it is our professional opinion that this process should be supervised by qualified healthcare professionals. At our natural healthcare center, we have specialists that we certify to operate our equipment, ensure the safety of our clients and help the brain heal completely.

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