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Understanding Joint Pain

joint - typical with cartilage and synovial fluid

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain such as knee pain can be experienced when the “water-bed” of fluid between the two bones (depicted to the left as the blue area labelled synovial fluid) have too much fluid. Just as too much water can make a water-bed feel very hard, too much synovial fluid feels hard to the tips of the bones.  This can cause a joint to feel stiff and eventually cause mild to extreme pain.  This can also damage the cartilage at the tips of the bone causing osteoarthritis yielding very extreme joint pain.joint - osteoarthritis earlier stage Damaged cartilage in the knee can look like this picture to the right.  See the white cartilage covering the bone.  Notice the reddened area of bone peeking through the hole in the cartilage.  Whenever this reddened area rubs against the next bone, an excruciating amount of pain can be felt.

“I can’t believe my knees don’t hurt!” Mike, D.  Age 42, Richmond, VA


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Joint Pain Relief

The Veteran’s Hospital achieved joint pain relief with every patient in a study at.  This New York hospital had 29 patients who agreed to postpone their joint replacement surgery to try a natural treatment.   Afterwards, not a single patient needed surgery.  What was the natural treatment?  Most significantly, they were given cartilage which the body used to heal the joints.  The body heals beautifully when it is given what it is asking for yielding complete joint pain relief! At Optimum Health we do not diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, we try to get to the root of a person joint pain.  We have found that giving cartilage in imitation of the Veteran’s Hospital has brought our clients the same type of results.  Our clients are also given lecithin as your body will use it to cleanse your joints of the arthritic inflammation.  We couple this with the ionic foot bath process that our clients always say helps their joints to feel better immediately.  You simply relax with your feet in a warm bath of water.  Then, allow our equipment to help your joints and many other parts of your body release the toxins that can cause so many problems.   This process greatly diminishes our client’s joint pain as they regularly indicate.  Their legs feel lighter and their energy levels SOAR after relaxing with their feet in our warm water.   Our clients get their life back.  They become active again!


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