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Optimum You Colloidal Silver: History & Science


colloidal silver 500ppm  

Optimum You  Colloidal Silver is colloidal silver at its best!




Colloidal Silver 500ppm for the Entire FamilyHISTORY OF COLLOIDAL SILVER:

Colloidal Silver really is for everyone.  There was a time when a silver dollar was put into the container that housed the drinking water because it would keep the water drinkable longer.  With modern science we now know that tiny, ionic pieces of silver left the silver dollar and floated in the water.  Since the silver remains separate in water instead of dissolving like sugar would have does, the silver is said to be in colloidal form.  Therefore, the water that they drank a long time ago was colloidal silver.  This means that there was a time when many people drank a very weak concentration of colloidal silver all day long.  That small amount of silver helped protect each person with no known issues.



FOR MOMENTS OF SICKNESS: OPTIMUM YOU COLLOIDAL SILVER TO THE RESCUE!Optimum Health has been assisting clients for nearly 30 years. It was difficult to keep searching for replacement products when the ones our clients depended on were no longer available. So, we decided to make our own products to keep our clients from being inconvenienced.

We decided to call the new line of products Optimum You. That is how it all started. Just for our clients.

Fortunately, when we developed Optimum You Colloidal Silver, we got it right the first try! As the years rolled by, we learned new ways that it can help. It helps with stem cells that can become any cell the body needs to heal. It helps the immune system fight better and helps stop bad germs without harming the good ones. It is good to always have it on hand because it:

  • Is Highly Bioactive
  • Supports Your Immune System
  • Supports Your Stem Cells
  • Helps Your Body Fight Germs Without Harming the Good Ones
  • Has Been Helping both domestically and internationally for over a decade!

Our clients have loved Optimum You’s quality and results since it was first introduced. You will too, every day in every way!



Colloidal Silver 500ppm for the Entire Family

According to the research articles referenced below, it has been proven that colloidal silver accelerates the rate of healing by 50% and indirectly attacks a bacteria, fungus and virus.  Colloidal silver takes advantage of a microbes need for a specific protein to breathe.  It helps disable that protein and, as a result, the microbes suffocate.  Fortunately, this protein is only needed by the germs that are bad for your body.  Once suffocated, these bad germs are easily eliminated from your body by your immune system.  Fortunately, the good microbes are unharmed since they don’t need this protein to breathe.  Colloidal silver also stimulates your body’s white blood cells to become armed and ready to eliminate a bacterial, fungal or viral infection.  This makes it one of the most subtle yet effective antimicrobials in existence today.  Ordinary antibiotics kill a handful of disease-causing organisms but colloidal silver is known to be successful against more than 80 illness causing microorganisms while leaving your good microorganism flourishing!

At Optimum Health, We Have Seen Optimum You Colloidal Silver Successfully Control:

  • Colloidal Silver 500ppm for Allergy SeasonAcne
  • Bloating (Abdominal/Belly), Certain Types
  • Blood Parasites
  • Boils
  • Canine Parvovirus
  • Colitis
  • Dysentery, Certain Types
  • Ear Infections, External
  • Sun-Burn
  • Viral Infections
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Fungal Infections
  • Flatulence
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Allergies

Light destroys colloidal silver’s beneficial activity.  Therefore, always make sure you store colloidal silver in a dark place such as a medicine cabinet.

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