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Traditional or Alternative Healthcare…Which Is Right For You?

Choosing between traditional or alternative healthcare can be quite difficult.  When trying to make the choice, it can be helpful to consider the modalities, tools and organizations supporting each option.  Let’s take a look at each of these.


Traditional Healthcare

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface.The traditional healthcare system offers drugs, vitamins and minerals that come from labs.  It also offers invasive surgeries.  There are times when we need these modalities.  For example, if you have a gun shot wound and are bleeding profusely, traditional health is the preferred approach. However, for long-term health issues, the unfortunate truth is that this system mainly allows the conditions to fester.  This festering continues until the body gets bad enough to justify the these drastic modalities.  Why?  Because the goal of these modalities is often just to manage the body’s ailments and not eliminate them.  Scientist must prove a measure of safety for these modalities to prevent the regular killing of people.  Also, scientist must prove the efficacy in great detail to ensure that the harm that these modalities will do is worth the benefit that they offer.

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Alternative or Natural Healthcare

Offers natural foods, herbs and supplements. Many things can be do-it-yourself treatments. Beware that the practitioner is not using herbal medicines just to manage the body’s ailments just as with the traditional modalities choose to do.  Actually, the goal should be to spring into action long before the body’s developing ailment can be assigned a medical diagnosis.  Once the ailment becomes diagnosable, the goal should be to eliminate it and not just manage it.  The modalities used in alternative or natural healthcare tend not to be capable of killing people.  Therefore, there is no need to prove their safety in great detail prior to recommending them.  Their proof of safety and efficacy tends to occur as large numbers of people use the modality and get consistent results with no harm done.


Traditional Healthcare

State of the art medical fields diagnostic equipment. Cat scans, MRI’s, etc., some of which are toxic, painful and aggressive.  Many things are written in code & hidden from patient.

Alternative or Natural Healthcare

Use hair analysis to help determine body toxicity levels and malnutrition. Symptom based assessments, saliva and urine analysis are used to determine the body’s nutritional needs. Live Field microscopy to determine condition of the patients blood. Major effort is made by natural healthcare to ensure that clients can understand everything easily.


Traditional Healthcare

American Medical Association

Backed by the AMA which controls doctors, hospitals, medical schools, and insurance companies. Also backed by the FDA which controls drug manufacturers, and other special interest groups.  Finally, pharmaceutical companies back traditional methods that make a lot of money from the drugs sold.  Since so much money is made in traditional healthcare, major advertising modalities such as television, magazines and radio stations are affordable.  These advertising campaigns mold people’s thinking to convince them that traditional methods are necessary and the only way to approach their ailments.

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Alternative or Natural Healthcare

Primarily backed by courageous alternative thinkers and grass roots organizations that understand the need to try and help the body heal.  As a result, very little money is made in comparison to traditional healthcare.  Therefore, natural healthcare cannot afford to undertake major advertising campaigns to help people recognize the value of the modalities utilized.  Further, the traditional healthcare system is taught to slander the alternative healthcare system as quackery.

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