It is time to consider the broken brain as you step into the 21st century with your health care concepts.  We must understand that it is very important to do more than just know what is wrong with the body then name it and tame it with drugs.  We have to address the underlying cause by asking, “What is causing the the named disease?” and “What can we do to address that underlying cause?”  Watch this … Continue reading


OPEN HOUSE IS JANUARY 20, 2018 AT 2 PM WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR 2018 HEALTH & WELLNESS GOALS  TOURS – FUN – GAMES – FOOD Open house for 2018 is expected to be another huge success!  Come tour our 7 room facility and learn what we do with respect to an Iridology, Detoxification, Primary Wellness Consultation and Emotional Liberation Therapy appointment.  The tour ends with a tasting of delicious, healthy foods and drinks.  It … Continue reading

Ketones: Uniquely Efficient Metabolic Fuel


Ketones are an efficient metabolic fuel that is burned at very high rates in pregnant women and babies. Ketones are an efficient metabolic fuel because: Ketones help the brain produce new cells. Ketones help the brain function in the presence of low carbohydrates. Ketones can help eliminate diabetes. Ketones increase brain utilization of oxygen by 25% with increased cognitive abilities. For more on how ketones are better fuel for the body than carbohydrates, watch the … Continue reading


 Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP is interviewed on The League of Professionals.  Tianya is asked how she came down the path that lead to the birth of Optimum Health.  Listen to how clients with leukemia, COPD, diabetic neuropathy and mercury toxicity were able to heal.   Hear analogies that may make you reconsider your approach to health. Listen and enjoy.  Then leave a comment to let us know what you think. Continue reading

Healing From Paralsis

Paralyzed Hand

The video on this page shows real movement in just 3 weeks after 5 years of rigid paralysis causing her fingernails to dig into the palm of her hand.  If you are experiencing paralysis, we ask you to come try our process and see if it can help you too.  Please pass this video on to let people know the options that are available to them. Continue reading

Healing Burns

Burnt Hand Healing

The video on this page shows that severe burns can heal beautifully leaving normal, healthy looking skin.  In order to do so, your body needs vitamin C to stop the progression of the burn immediately.  Colloidal silver is needed to stimulate stem cell production.  Protein is also needed to allow fast healing and the production of the stem cells and any new tissue that may be needed. Continue reading


Your diet and your health: At Optimum Health we do not diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, we look for the root of the problem.  We check for symptoms of improper digestion, nutritional deficiency, and toxicity.  When you dig deep and find and correct these, you uproot many problems.   Problems like chronic fatigue simply disappear as the body is fully able to fuel movement.  Optimum Health gives your body the opportunity to remove excessive toxins and use high quality supplements … Continue reading

Remember When Exercise Was Fun

Joint health is extremely important if exercise will continue to be fun.  Joint health starts with a consideration of healthy joints.  In healthy joints, the tip of each bone has a cushion layer made of cartilage just like the gristle at the tip of the bone of a chicken leg.  The cartilage layer in healthy joints protect the tip of the bone as it rubs against the tip of the next bone.  Healthy joints also … Continue reading