Sickle Cell Disease

SICKLE CELL ANEMIAWith sickle cell disease, we can now deliver oxygen to the blood without the need for the red blood cells!  To appreciate the importance of this, let’s first get a better understanding of the problem with sickle cell.

What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle cell disease is a condition where the red blood cells become sickle shaped.  The sickling decreases the cells’ ability to pick up oxygen and deliver it all over the body.  The sickling also causes the cells to block blood flow.

The top picture shows normal red blood cells that are able to pick up oxygen at the lungs and deliver it allover the body.  In the bottom blood vessel, most of the red blood cells have sickled and get stuck blocking the the veins.

In the inset picture under the top blood vessel, you see a normal red blood cell cut in half to show the hemoglobin (dots on the inside of the cell).  In the inset picture under the bottom blood vesse depicting sickle cell disease, you see a sickled red blood cell cut in half to show how the hemoglobin has come together in strands causing the sickling shape.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Delivers Oxygen to Cells!

Detox just starting, water is still clean.The ionic detox foot bath breaks down water into it oxygen and hydrogen ions.  The oxygen is magnetized and repelled towards the soles of feet.  This magnetized oxygen is absorbed through the pores of the feet much in the same way that garlic is absorbed through pores of the feet when you stand on it.  Try it.  Slice some garlic and stand on it for a few minutes.  Then notice that your breath will begin to smell like garlic!

In just 5 minutes a client with sickle cell disease can go from lacking oxygen to having their blood fully oxygenated when our machine uses the soles of the feet to allow the oxygen to enter the blood through the pores of the feet.  The next time you are having a minor sickling crisis, try an ionic foot bath with the Aqua Detox equipment and notice how good you will feel as the oxygen finds it way to your blood as it enters the body through the pores of your feet.  We are not asking you to believe it just because your read it here.  We are asking you to give it a try.  Mention what you have read here and try it at no charge to you.  What do you have to lose by giving it a try?

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