Toxin Storage Mode and Toxin Dumping Mode

65T6Understanding toxin storage mode and toxin dumping mode begins with understanding the definition of the word toxin.  A toxin is anything that your body is exposed to that causes your body to try to protect itself from it.  This could be something as wonderful as sugar, salt and wine.  When ingested in large doses these substances become toxins in the body and the body will do everything it can to remove them and protect itself from their effects.  Toxins could be substances that the body should never come into contact with such as nicotine, mercury, arsenic and lead.  The body goes into immediate protection mode with these substances and will try to break them down, coat them for safer handling and/or remove them.

pregnant woman with fetus in wombThe next step to understanding toxin storage mode and toxin dumping mode requires a look at what happens in the mother’s womb.  As you are developing in your mother’s womb, your mother’s blood passes through the umbilical cord into the placenta to be filtered before entering your body.  Therefore, the placenta prevents toxins from the mother’s body from entering the baby. At one time, this placental barrier was thought to protect the baby from nearly all harmful substances.  Unfortunately, science has now proven that toxic substances, such as mercury and various toxins from cigarettes cross the placental barrier and enter the babies developing body.  Many of these substances are then Fetux - A toxin can pass through the placental barrierstored inside the body for decades.  This storing of toxic substances is what we call TOXIN STORAGE MODE.  Though toxin storage mode typically begins in the womb, it continues throughout ones lifetime.   At some point in time, it is good to help the body release these toxins.  Once the body is primed, it can begin systematically releasing toxins into the blood stream for removal.  We call this systematic releasing of toxins TOXIN DUMPING MODE.

Detox just starting, water is still clean.At Optimum Health, we help you ease your body into toxin dumping mode with our total body cleanse process  and stay there safely until your body has released what it needs to release.  We watch our clients morph back to vibrant states of optimum health.

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