Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Sweating ProfuselyWhen seeking causes for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), asking “Why?” is very important.   In that excessive sweating is typically an indicator  that the body needs assistance that it is not getting.  First of all, hyperhidrosis could simply be indicating that the body has too many reactions giving off heat. These reactions create a need to sweat to lower the body temperature into the normal range. On the other hand, hyperhidrosis  could be caused by a liver that is struggling.  It can also be due to a vitamin/mineral deficiency.   At Optimum Health  we help you ask, “Why?” to address the root of the problem.  As a result, we help the body get the assistance it needs.  Doing so allows the body to heal and eliminate the profuse sweating immediately in most cases.  Let’s start by examining the possibilities mentioned here.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Caused by Extra Reactions?

If you are experiencing hyperhidrosis, consider this: every reaction gives off heat as a by-product.  So, if you have too many reactions, you will have too much heat.  This extra heat can cause a need to sweat to cool the body down from all the extra heat.

Why Are There So Many Extra Reactions

Metabolism word cloudExtra reactions can be caused by excessive toxins in the body.  These excessive toxins have to be coated for safety and transported through the body.  All of this requires reactions that don’t normally occur in the body. These extra reactions are giving off extra heat that will cause the body to be too warm.  Once the body becomes too warm, sweating is a normal response to cool the body down.

Extra reactions due to metal toxicity usually makes the hands and feet sweat most of all.  Why?  Because gravity will pull the heavy metals down into the feet and hands increasing the number of reactions occurring there.  Some of our clients have had to change socks several times a day due to sweating.   Metallic toxins can be especially harmful as they can also cause many other unpleasant situations in the body depending on whether the metal is lead, mercury, arsenic or etc.  Excessive sweating also helps to flush the toxins out of the body.  At Optimum Health We help remove the metals and the issues stops!

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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Caused By Liver Disease

Hyperhidrosis can be the body’s response when various forms of liver disease initiates a fever.  Did you know that the liver is fully capable of healing and regenerating itself?  We help you heal the liver with liver flushes, herbal supplements and enzymes to break down the fat that can be stored in the liver causing damage.  Support the liver and the need to sweat stops!

Sweating Profusely Caused by Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency

A B vitamin deficiency can cause profuse sweating at night. Sometimes the sweat may even have a foul odor to it.   At our center, this occurs more often in menstruating women as they throw their B vitamins away each month when they menstruate.  We help you get sufficient B vitamins and the sweating stops!

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating): Medicating

Though medicines may be needed, don’t stop there.  Strive to understand what your body is really asking for.  Then, give what is needed to heal so your physician can take you off the medicines.  Don’t settle for covering over the problem with medicines.  Go beyond covering over the problem by finding the root cause and let your body heal itself.  Indeed, with the right help, it is possible!

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