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Healing Kidneys: Lowering Creatinine Level

Healing From Kidney Failure: Proof of Lowering Creatinine Level

Proof of improving kidney function can be seen with lowering creatinine levels.  Why?  Because kidney function is monitored by the level of creatinine in your blood.  Creatinine is produced as your muscles work to move your body parts.  It is the job of the kidneys to remove any excessive amount of creatinine that may be produced from your body.  Therefore, creatinine levels are low when kidneys are able to do their job and high when they are not able to function properly.  Notice the example below.  This client’s blood creatinine levels were very high in the first green section (1) when his physician told him he had severely impaired kidney function.

Creatinine Levels

Once the physicians began giving him the EPO shots, his creatinine came down as indicated by the dots being lower in the middle yellow section.  In the blue section (3) on the right, the creatinine levels drop down to their lowest points which are both normal.  This is during the time period when he was doing the total body detoxification process twice a week to keep his cells and blood clean.  Note that he chose not to  get EPO shots during this time.

Notice that in section 4 and 5 he only did the total body detoxification process once a week or less.  His creatinine levels increased back to where they were when he was getting the EPO shots but no higher.  In section 6 he stopped the total body cleanse process completely and his creatinine levels began to increase drastically.  He decided to start the total body detoxification process again making sure that he did it twice a week and his creatinine levels began to drop immediately.

His physician said his kidneys are “..functioning good.


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