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Insomnia: Natural Sleep Aids for Sleepless Nights

Beautiful woman sleepingInsomnia end with natural sleep aids that get to the root of the problem.  To truly end sleepless nights, you must understand how the body causes sleep.  Since sleep is the time when you are not jumping around on your bones, it is the best time to break down old bone material and rebuild.  Therefore, a lot of calcium will be used while you are sleep.  As a result, calcium is linked to sleep by causing the release of the melatonin which actually puts you to sleep and keeps you sleep ending your sleepless nights.  Your body can make all the melatonin needed for sleep.  It just needs to be released by the calcium that you must ingest.  Now, doesn’t it seem reasonable that at Optimum Health, we typically find a calcium deficiency as the root cause of insomnia.  This makes calcium one of the best natural sleep aids for insomnia.  By addressing this root cause we eliminate the sleepless nights and a whole host of problems all at once.


Food as a Natural Sleep Aids for Insomnia:

dark green leafy vegetables: collard greens

The right food can be the best natural remedy for insomnia.  Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and collard greens are excellent sources of calcium and the many minerals it needs to do it job.  Nuts and seaweeds are also excellent sources of calcium. For a minor deficiency, wholesome foods are usually all that is needed. When dietary changes are not feasible or for severe deficiencies, a good calcium supplement can be very helpful.


Supplements as Natural Sleep Aids for Sleepless Nights:

When a calcium deficiency becomes severe enough to cause regular problems with sleeping such as insomnia, the bones have usually lost a lot of their calcium. More calcium may be needed than a days worth of food can supply to rebuild the bones. In these cases we suggest a calcium supplement made from natural sources that is either calcium citrate or coral calcium.

Keep in mind that calcium is a mineral that requires many other minerals in order to be processed properly in the body. Therefore, we prefer calcium magnesium supplements that also have other minerals such as manganese and copper. If your hair has a significant amount of gray then, we suggest adding a good mineral supplement to make sure that you get at least 40 or more of the important minerals required by your body to ensure that you have all of the ones required for making strong bones.


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Here are a few of the symptoms of a calcium deficiency that also show up when you have trouble sleeping:

Leg and foot cramps.
Menstrual cramps.
Arms and/or legs feel numb when you sleep.
Stiff, tight shoulders.
Sleeping lightly.
Receding gum line.

In today’s world, shutting the body down to rebuild and get a good nights sleep is needed to awaken feeling fresh and ready to face each day packed full of stressful responsibilities, recreation and whatever life sends our way. Eliminating a calcium deficiency as the source of your sleeping problems is an important piece of the puzzle.


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