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Kidney Failure Symptoms

Kidney Failure, Progression

Kidney Failure Symptoms Generally Include:

  • Increased abnormal fluid levels in the body (fluid retention)
  • Increased acid levels
  • Abnormal levels of potassium, calcium,  phosphate and creatinine
  • Anemia
  • Delayed healing in broken bones
  • Blood loss in the urine
  • Protein loss in the urine


Kidney Failure Symptoms Observed at OPTIMUM HEALTH:

The major kidney failure symptom seen at Optimum Health is lower back pain.  Lower back pain shows up early when the kidneys first begin to struggle.  Clients that have had their doctors tell them that their kidneys are failing typically have had lower back  which is where the kidneys refer their pain.  This lower back pain is greatly diminished or eliminated when they begin doing water flushes and/or total body cleanses that turn the resulting detox water yellow-green.

Common Detox Problem: Pain in Lower Back


We also see hair loss near the temporal area of the scalp.

Male Pattern Baldness: Kidneys IssuesHair Loss: Organs possibly involved are kidneys, lungs, and liver.

As the kidneys heal, the hair begins to regrow in the temporal area.  All of the hairs tend to appear at the same time as baby fine hairs.  Then the hairs thickens as they mature.  If a client fails to follow their program once the hair is regrowing, the kidneys begin to struggle and the client looses the hair again.  Fortunately, as soon as they become consistent with cleansing their kidneys and fueling the healing process, the hair regrows again.

To date, 100% of the clients we have assisted in this area have had their kidneys heal themselves beautifully.  When we get calls from individuals whose doctors have told them that they have various stages of kidney disease asking if we can offer any assistance, we say:


Schedule your appointment …


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