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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger occurs when one of your fingers or thumb gets stuck in the bent position and hesitates when you try to straighten it or is difficult to straighten again.  Sometimes the finger will snap back into the straightened position as if a trigger was pulled to release it.

Trigger FingerTrigger Finger: Causes

Trigger finger is caused by inflammation.  As a result, there is narrowing in the space within the tendon sheath as seen in the picture.  The inflammation can be caused by repetitive movements such as typing.  It can also be caused by toxins that build up and irritate various areas of the body.  For example, overeating sugar can cause the sugar to become toxic to the body and cause inflammation all throughout the body.  It makes complete sense to think that overeating sugar can cause the inflammation that leads to trigger finger since diabetes is the only disease known to have a higher occurrence.

Trigger Finger: Non-invasive Remedies

The first thing to do if you have trigger finger is to determine if you are eating foods that contain sugar or turn into sugar once you eat them.  These would be foods like white pastas, white breads, cakes and candy.  In fact, it would be foods that are high in carbohydrates but low fiber.  It is not good to eat more than one serving of these foods a day.  Therefore, try eliminating all foods that turn into sugar in your blood stream for a few days.  Then, notice if your trigger finger gets better.  If it does, you may want to consider decreasing or eliminating the sugar from your diet permanently.

DETOX HANDSIf eliminating the sugar has no effect, you may want to try our total body cleanse process and put your hands in the water to pull out other toxins that can earthing top sheet, kingcause inflammation in the body.  Getting grounded (also known as earthing) may also be worth trying as it reduces inflammation as well.


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