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Joint Pain Relief

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Joint Pain Relief

We get joint pain relief at Optimum Health without diagnosing or treating diseases.   If you have joint pain, we simply use our process that nearly always causes our clients to say they had decreases in their joint pain IMMEDIATELY! You simply relax with your feet in a warm bath of water and allow our medically approved equipment to allow your joints and many other parts of your body to release the toxins that cause so much pain and problems.

We couple this process with cartilage supplements in imitation of the Veteran’s Hospital’s study that had 100% of the participants scheduled for joint replacement surgery pain-free in a matter of days.  We also include lecithin as it allows your body to cleanse your joints of the arthritic inflammation.  You will also get vitamins, minerals and a protein drink to help fuel this whole toxin release process. Not only has everyone’s  joint pain diminished within 30 minutes, our clients have also indicated that their legs feel lighter and their energy level SOARS after relaxing through this process.


“I didn’t realize how stiff I had gotten.
Now, I think I WILL dance!”

Sherman F., Age 80, Northern Virginia Area

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