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Vital Health Detox is available to the entire family.  We will help you heal your body by addressing the underlying causes.  First of all, we will help your body eliminate healing impediments.  Then, we will help you ensure that you have all the essential nutrients for healing your body.   As a rule, you will be given the personal touch as we become a part of your healthcare team.


Vital Health DetoxVital Health DetoxLet Vital Health Detox become your detox facility.  Then you can heal your body utilizing traditional, homeopathic, and alternative methods.  Become a part of the Vital Health Detox Family and heal with the oversight of our certified natural health practitioner, Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP, using quality supplements, the elimination of toxins with total body cleanses and follow-up appointments.



Detoxing regularly is suggested.

Service Fee
Initial Total Body Cleanse Foot Detox
(with explanation of process & results)
Total Body Cleanse Foot Detox (1 hour ) $100
2 Hour Primary  Wellness  Consultation (PWC) with Total Body Cleanse $400
Additional Hours for PWC $150
Follow Up Appointments $125
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis $250
Mercury Testing $  25
Lead Testing $  25

All Prices Are Subject To Change As Needed.

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