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What are Energy Meridians?

Meridians and acupointsEach person has 14 main energy meridians.  These meridians consist of long lines of cells that form an energy pathway throughout in the body.  The body can send electric charges along these meridians.  In fact, scientist have identified and measured these charges. These reservoirs for electrical energy are about the width of a single cell.  They lie just under the surface of the skin. They supply the body with electrical energy necessary for optimal health on the organ, tissue, and cellular levels. Energy must flow freely along these meridians.  Otherwise, your body will not maintain optimum health.

The Chinese documented the energy meridian system.  In fact, acupuncturists all over the world have successfully used them for several thousand years.  Indeed, they use them to treat disease and even block pain during surgery allowing surgery without anesthetics. Western medicine only recently began to accept their existence. Why?  Because of the development of instruments sensitive enough to detect this “subtle energy.”

The tiny electrical shock that occurs when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch another person is an example of how electrical energy flows through the body.  Also, the well documented neural pathways is another example of how energy flows through the body.

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Energy Meridians: The Importance of Energy in the Body

Energy forms the blueprint that underlies our physical existence.   We call this blueprint meridians.  The meridians help control and integrate the features of the cardiovascular, nervous, immune, and hormonal systems.  Therefore, these meridians play a major role in the state of our physical well-being.

When a body functions properly, the brain determines where the energy is needed.  The brain also determines how much energy is needed.  Then, the body adjusts the appropriate pressure points to feed energy into the meridians. Next, the energy circulates through the meridians. Once at its destination, the body releases the energy through the meridian into the tissues.  Here, the energy does its intended job and is then re-radiated out of the body.

The energy destined for specific areas may not arrive at all once meridians are imbalanced or blocked.  As a result, imbalances in the energy system can be the precursors of disease.

Imbalances can disturb the flow of energy in the meridians.  For example, nutritional deficiencies can create imbalances that acan disturb the flow of energy in the meridians.  Other aspects of life such as emotions, thoughts and bad relationships can also do the same.  Chemicals and electromagnetic pollution can also create imbalances.  Health kinesiology, emotional liberation therapy and changes resulting from nutritional assessments can address these energy imbalances and help the body heal itself.

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