Hair Analysis: Collecting the Hair Sample

Washing hair for hair analysis

Collecting A Clean Hair Analysis Sample

A Hair analysis sample is collected ONLY after the hair has been washed and rinsed thoroughly.  It is best to lather your hair and rinse it 3 times.  Write down the brand and specific name of the shampoo used as the lab will need this information.

At Optimum Health we recommend that you do not put any conditioner, oil or etc on your hair because washing it because these things will distort the results of your hair analysis.  You will want to let your hair air dry and then cut and place the cut hair in a clean envelope.  If your hair is going to be cut at our center, please cover your head with a clean plastic bag, towel or scarf to ensure that the air outside does not blow though your hair and contaminate it. Don’t worry about your appearance, we have clients coming in with all sorts of wonderful head covering!

Collecting the Hair Analysis Sample: Cutting the Hair


Collecting Hair Sample

A Hair analysis sample is collected ONLY after he hair has been washed and rinsed thoroughly.  (See the instructions above for washing your hair.)  Your hair can be collected at our center in about 10 minutes at no additional charge.  If you prefer to collect your own hair, use the instructions below.

You will want to collect the hair from the crown and back of your head.  This will let the sections cut be hidden until they grow back.  Start near the crown of your head as shown in the picture.

Cut a thin sliver of hair making sure you remain very aware of the location of the part closest to your scalp.  Cut about 1 1/2 inches of the part closest to your scalp off and place it in a clean envelope.

Discard the rest of the length of the hair.  Part a new sliver of hair at least 1/2 inch below the first sliver.

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