Natural Health Practitioner Assessing and Consulting with a ClientIn order to develop the nutritional assessment used at Optimum Health, we cross referenced what Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine presented in their syllabi for biochemistry, physiology and anatomy courses with alternative health’s understanding of symptoms experienced with nutritional deficiencies.  Any understanding of alternative health that did not conform to the syllabi was dismissed as unreliable and possibly nonfactual.

This resulted in an exceptional understanding of the human body.  For example, traditional health has established as fact that the heart uses calcium as a part of its conduction system.  Alternative health considers irregular heartbeats to be a symptom of a calcium deficiency. This was considered to be an agreement between the two schools of thought. When agreement between both schools of thought was found, they were added to the nutritional assessment.  As a result, people scheduled for pacemakers have come to our facility, had their calcium deficiency corrected and, as stated by their physicians, “No longer needed pacemakers.”

Major adjustments were made to the nutritional assessment over the course of five years and then the process was copyrighted. Thereafter, minor adjustments have been made to incorporate new discoveries. Clients are asked to answer the questions in the nutritional assessment before arriving for their initial evaluation. Their answers are reviewed with them for accuracy. Areas of nutritional deficiency are explained to the clients thoroughly. Dietary and supplemental suggestions are made to address all nutritional deficiencies. Special attention is given to protein deficiencies since this is related to slow healing.

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