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Common Detox Problems: Pain, Nausea and More

Pain: A Common Detox Foot Bath Problem

Abdominal PainPain becomes a common problem if the ionic detox foot bath process is not done correctly.  If you do not help your body clear the toxins properly, they may sit near the organs that released them and cause pain wherever they are sitting.  This can lead to  any of the following:

Muscle Pain

Fibromyalgia PainWhen the muscles are cleansing, there is no change in the water in the foot tub that has been noticed to date.  After any given detox, if the proper steps are not taken, you may feel pain in many of your muscles all over your body as the toxins sit there and irritate the muscles.  It can feel much the way fibromyalgia feels.  Or, your legs may feel restless causing a physician to diagnose you with restless leg syndrome.

Liver Pain

When the liver is being cleansed, the water itself will turn black.  The water may also turn an army green or a blue-green if the part of the liver that makes bile is being cleansed.  In either case, you may feel pain over the lower portion of the right side of your rib cage where the liver is located if the proper steps are not taken.

Urinary Tract Pain

Common Detox Problem: Pain in Lower Back

When the urinary tract is being cleansed, the water in the foot tub can be a yellow-green color.  When the yellow-green color appears in the first 15 minutes, you are more likely to feel pain just above your pubic region and/or on one or both sides of your lower back where the kidneys refer pain.  This pain does not occur when the proper steps are taken.  But when the pain does occur, it can be a dull aching pain or a sharp stabbing pain.

Aching KneeJoint Pain

When the joints are cleansing, the detox water turns orange.  A severe cleansing of the joints can cause the water in the foot tub to be the color of orange soda.  When severely cleansing the joints, pain may be felt in any of the joints that are cleansed if the proper steps are not taken.  The pain may be minor or bad enough to prevent mobility.


You may experience headaches or migraines if the toxins are accumulating in your brain.  The area of the brain where the toxins are accumulating can determine the type of headache you experience.  The amount of toxins present can determine the severity of the pain creating a mild headache, extremely painful headache or a migraine.

NauseaNausea: Caused by Improper Detoxing

A common detox foot bath problem for those who are clearing mercury from their system is nausea.  Nausea comes from the body dumping mercury into the stomach.  The body is actually dumping mercury all along the digestive tract leading to other issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome and more.  When nausea is experienced, it is important that you tell your detox specialist so they can give you suggestion on how to help your body eliminate the mercury from your stomach before it makes you nauseous.

A Healthy Heart

Elevated Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressure can mean that your body is dumping faster than the equipment is helping your body to remove it. In this case, you may need to do your detoxes more often in order to remove the toxins as fast as your body is releasing them. Let your detox specialist know if you are experiencing elevated blood pressures so they can begin monitoring your blood pressure and help you normalize it.

More Detox Problems:

Slow or Irregular Heart Beat

Burning Legs

Flu Like Symptoms and Fatigue

Ringing in the Ears and Dizziness


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