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Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia pain is best understood by grasping the definition of the term fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is a Latin word that is broken down into English as follows:
fibromyalgia - latin to english breakdown - GRAY




Therefore, the definition of fibromyalgia is “muscle fiber pain”.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  What do you think you would do if you went to your doctor and told him that you were having a lot of pain in your muscles and he said, ” I am so sorry you are hurting.  But, don’t worry, I know just what you have.  You have muscle fiber pain.”  Would you think that the doctor was a very good physician?  You might look and say,

“Doctor, isn’t that what I just said?”  

When dealing with fibromyalgia, the doctor it taught to parrot back to you that you have muscle pain in Latin to keep this from happening.  As a result, we hear the Latin word and think that we have been given an acceptable diagnosis. We become willing to take harmful drugs to deal with the acceptable diagnosis!  When, in actuality, the harmful medicines may make you feel better but they don’t address the cause of the muscle fiber pain.  Therefore, your situation simply festers and gets worse and worse.

At Optimum Health, we go for the root of the problem.  We help the body deal with the underlying fibromyalgia causes.  In other words, we help you figure out why you are hurting.  Then we help you eliminate the reason so your body will no longer have a need to signal pain.  Don’t just kill the messenger by taking medicines that silence the pain!  Instead, listen to the message and respond accordingly!

Fibromyalgia Pain: A Better Approach to Healing

Happily Fibro Free!

Fibromyalgia healing at Optimum Health is achieved with a better approach.  We go for the root of the problem.  Our staff members will help your body deal with the underlying causes.  We help you figure out why you are experiencing pain and then help you eliminate the reason.  The only reason we have found to date is toxicity.  Remove the toxins with our special detoxification process and your body will no longer have a need to signal pain.  Again, don’t kill the messenger!  Listen to the message and respond accordingly!


“When it is cold outside, I hurt all over.  It feels like a toothache that someone is sticking something into.  It really hurts.  I have to take my medicine. Then, I had my first detoxification yesterday.  I didn’t notice much of a difference then.  But today, it is snowing outside and I am not hurting at all.  No medicine and pain-free!”

Joyce K., Richmond, Virginia


Our clients regularly get off their medications and continue pain-free for years!


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