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Arsenic Really is in Our Rice!

Indeed, arsenic is in our rice.  In fact, American grown rice contains arsenic at levels averaging 3.5 to 6.7 micrograms per serving.   The arsenic levels can go as high as to 10 micrograms. Notably, the Japanese government doesn’t allow the consumption of food with arsenic levels higher than 0.05 micrograms. As such, the American grown rice contains more than 21,000% than the Japanese government allows!  This should be a major cause for concern.

Rice stores arsenic in its outer hull layer.  Therefore, brown rice and other whole grain rices tends to be among the highest levels because it keeps it outer layer. Also, one must grow rice in very wet soil.  Then, the rice actively pulls the arsenic from the wet soil. As such, the contamination of rice typically occurs during the growing process.

Arsenic has been determined to cause symptoms identical to autism.  The mercury in seafood has also been determined to cause symptoms identical to autism.  This makes the pictured meal extremely poisonous to young children and children already diagnosed with autistism.

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