Should I Stop My High Blood Pressure Medicine?

Please take your high blood pressure medicine!  Drinking lots of water does not mean that you get to just  stop taking your high blood pressure medicine.  The medical community calls high blood pressure the silent killer because it kills without notice.  Therefore, keep taking your medicine while you monitor your blood pressure closely and keep good records to present to your physician.

Increase your water to the proper amount unless you have been told by a qualified health professional not to do so.  Tell your physician what you are doing and that you want him/her to be on alert that your pressure should be monitored closely and that your medicine may need to be decreased.  Most physicians won’t believe you.  That is understandable as this goes against their training.  Fortunately, you don’t need for them to believe you.  You just need for them to be cooperative.  As time goes by, your blood pressure should keep dropping until it becomes normal.  At that point, the medicine will make your blood pressure too low and your physician will decrease the medicine.  Eventually, the physician will take you off of all of your high blood pressure medicines.  We have this happen time and time again at our center.


 “I feel great!  Even better, my doctor has taken me off 3 of my

blood pressure medicines and decreased the last one.”

Forestine B, Heathsville, Virginia

There are times when drinking the proper amount of water will not eliminate your high blood pressure. This is another reason why you should continue to take your medicine.  If you are one of the people whose blood pressure does not normalize with drinking water, recognize that you have more than one reason for your high blood pressure.  Then consider some of the other root causes for high blood pressure such as mercury exposure from amalgams (the silver or black colored fillings) in your teeth and seafood.

Mercury toxicity is the second most common cause of high blood pressure that we see at our natural healthcare center.  Mercury usually causes the top number  of your blood pressure (systolic) to go up while the bottom number (diastolic) stays fairly normal or even low.  This is called split systolic hypertension.  A typical split systolic hypertension reading could be 140/75 or possibly 160/90.  We theorize that the mercury may thicken the blood.  At Optimum Health, we use the total body cleanse process to help your body lower the mercury levels which usually results in normal blood pressure levels.

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