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joint - typical with cartilage and synovial fluidJoint pain relief comes once you clean your system properly  including your joints.  Why?  The pain and tightness in joints is often caused by inflammation in the blue area of the picture (synovial fluid).  Cleaning the inflammation out of this area can cause total joint pain relief.

Sometimes, the cartilage at the tips of the bones can be damaged leading to sharp intensive pain with certain movements.  In these cases, the cartilage can be rebuilt which eliminating this type of joint pain.

Joint Pain Relief: Detox Result Pictures

In the ionic foot bath result pictures below you will notice a control picture and a result picture for joints. Notice how uniform the water is when there are no feet in the water. Then notice that with a severe joint cleansing, the final result picture looks very much like the control picture because the joints cause the water to turn orange just like the control.  The difference occurs early in the cleansing.  With the control, the orange occurs uniformly in 20 minutes.  When the joints are cleansing, the orange appears very boldly in swirls in as little as two minutes.

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Enjoy the detailed ionic foot bath joint result pictures from some of our clients at Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center.

Detox - Control Picture, No Feet     DETOX RESULTS - JOINTS     Detox - Orange with black specs

 Control  ++++++++++++++Detox of Person with Joint Issues        Detox of Person with Joint Issues
(Orange with Black,             (Orange Water & Black Clumped        (Orange Water & Black  Metal Flecks in

Shadowy Flecks)                  Metal Flecks)                                           Rings)
++++++++++++++ +++++++Joint Issues May be Due to Heavy        Joint Issues May be Due to Heavy Metal
+++++++++++++++ ++++++Metal Toxicity                                          Toxicity
+++++++++++++++ ++++++Note Need for Braces on Both
+++++++++++++++ ++++++Knees

++++++++++++++ +++++++
In the case of metal toxicity, the metal can be stored in the joints.  This will destroy the tips of the bones really damaging the joints because having metal in the joints is like putting sand paper in the joint.

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Detox - Control Picture, No Feet Detox - Joints

Control                                       Detox of Person with Joint Issues
(Orange with Black,                  (Orange Water & Black Metal Flecks)
Shadowy Metal Flecks)            Note Lack of Metal Flecks Near the Center as in The Control
++++++++++++++ +++++++

Carrying this around can destroy your joints…

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Detox - Control Picture, No Feet Detox - Joints - Orange and Black

Control                                       Detox of Person with Joint Issues
(Orange with Black,                  (Orange Water in Front)
Shadowy Metal Flecks)            Black Water in Rear May be Due to Metal Toxicity or Liver Issues

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