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Joint Pain Relief: Orange Detox Water

joint - typical with cartilage and synovial fluid



Joint pain relief comes once you clean your joints, yielding orange detox water.  Why?  The pain and tightness in joints is often caused by inflammation in the blue area (synovial fluid) of the picture to the left.  Our process cleans the inflammation out of this area yielding orange detox water and total joint pain relief.  Our process also cleans substances such as uric acid crystals causing clients with gout to report total relief of all pain.  Finally, our process will help your body rebuild the joints when bone damage is involved!


Sharing Our Clients Orange Detox Water Pictures for Joint Issues

 Control Detox of Person with Joint Issues Detox of Person with Joint Issues
Control Picture, No Feet for Orange Detox Water - Joint Pain Relief

(Orange with Black, Shadowy Flecks)

Orange Detox Water - Joint Pain Relief

(Orange Detox Water & Black Clumped Metal Flecks) Joint Issues May be Due to Heavy Metal Toxicity. Notice Client Has Braces on Both Knees.

Orange Detox Water with black specs - Joint Pain Relief

(Orange  Detox Water & Black  Metal Flecks in Rings) Joint. This Indicates that Issues May be Due to Heavy Metal Toxicity.

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In the ionic foot bath result pictures above you will notice a control picture and two result pictures for joints. Notice the uniformity of the water when there are no feet in it.  Then notice that with a severe joint cleansing, the final result picture looks very much like the control picture because the joints cause the water to turn orange just like the control.  The difference occurs early in the cleansing.  With the control, the orange occurs slowly and uniformly over the course of 20 minutes.  When the joints are cleansing, the orange appears very boldly in swirls in as little as two minutes.

Also, notice that in all joint issue cases, the water is orange.  Finally, if the joint issues are due to heavy metals, there will also be black specks in the water.  The black specks may appear as a thick black layer or as rings around the white array in the center.


Orange Detox Water: Joint Pain Relief When the Bone Is Involved

Orange Detox Water: Joint Pain Relief from Gout

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Carrying this around can destroy your joints…

Improved Arthritis: Deborah’s Mom 



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