Healing Begins With Understanding

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Healing Begins with Understanding Your Problem

Rather than prescribing medicines to just manage your issues, we take the functional medicine approach and help you understand and eliminate the causes of your issues.  Doing this allows your body’s reparative mechanisms to prevail and healing occurs!  Your body can repair itself and heal even when your problem is adrenal fatigue, allergiesconstipation , dairy food issues, depression, drug addictionfibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, kidney problems, menstrual issues, metal toxicity, parasite issues, sleeping issues, sweating, tiredness, autism, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s.

Healing Begins with A Physical Exam That’s Much More Than Just A Physical Exam

At your Primary Wellness Consultation, our Health Practitioner will perform an iridology examination of your eyes, analyze your hair, assess your sleep quality and nutrient levels, and determine the status of your digestive enzymes, intestinal flora, toxins, and much more. But, most important, she’ll use her ears. She’ll take the time to fully hear all your concerns, make sure you understand what is going on inside of you and how to make it better!

Healing Begins with Your Personal Recipe for Health

Natural Health Practitioner performing iridology exam

Natural Health Practitioner Consulting with a Client

Once our Health Practitioner understands your body and what it needs, only then will she prepare a Recipe for Health with suggested supplementation, dietary changes, detoxification/ cleansing, emotional therapy and exercises. Your Recipe for Health is your written plan of action containing the suggestions and  services to help your body reach its optimum health status.  We can help you implement your Recipe for Health for the next few months and document your progress.

“I always love coming to the center.  Everyone is so friendly. I can’t believe how much healthier I am and how much younger I look!”
Barbara L., Chesterfield, Virginia


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