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Autism Causes

Understanding autism causes starts here!  Autism is caused by issues in the brain that often makes it hard to communicate with and relate to others. With autism, the different areas of the brain fail to work together.  We have found that recall is an issue.  These children are storing information and learning.  They just have trouble with or are completely unable to recall what they have learned in order to use it.  This inability to recall what they have learned can cause the regression that they often experience.

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Autistic teen throwing a tantrum.Autism child's tantrum is the tantrum of the terrible two's. Learn to see it!The Two-Year Old Within

Though Optimum Health has been assisting families with their children for nearly 30 years, it is our last five years of working with autistic individuals that has allowed us to recognize that most are stuck somewhere near the developmental age that regression began.  Therefore, in most cases, the autistic individual has many characteristics of the terrible twos phase of development.  We try to help our parents recognize this as it helps them to understand their child’s behavior and how to deal with it.  Our parents receive a guide to the book “What to Expect: The Toddler Years” that helps them learn to see the two year old trapped inside their child.  We also help our parents answer the question, “What caused this to happen to my child?”

Mercury and Arsenic: Possible Causes of Autism

Patrick, Before and AfterBoth mercury and arsenic can affect the brain in a way that will lead to a diagnosis of autism.  Scientists have proven that mercury crossed the placental barrier and enters the developing baby.  This is why doctors encourage women not to eat a lot of seafood while pregnant. Unfortunately, doctors don’t tell women anything about how dangerous the amalgams (silver-colored fillings) are to their developing child.  In fact, children typically get exposed to mercury in their mother’s womb if she has amalgams in her mouth.  More exposure occurs if they are given seafood to eat and vaccines.  Exposure to arsenic typically occurs when eating a lot of rice and quinoa.

It is with this in mind that it only makes sense to see if each autistic child has a history of these exposures.  Then, test them for these two poisonous elements.   Finally, if any are present, remove them and see if your child returns to normal.  This was Patrick’s case.  Removing these substances allowed him  and others to experience awesome autism recovery


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