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Autism Recovery: Meet Daniel

Autism Recovery

Daniel has had autism since he was 2 years old. Even with constant coaching from his teacher, he lagged farther and farther behind only making it to second grade material at the age of 10. He had to have someone sit beside him and help him get his work done. It was at this point that he was brought to Optimum Health. As a result of his first total body cleanse, he became so independent in his studies that he got up two days later and logged onto the computer all by himself. Then, he logged into his virtual classroom for the first time and did his work. After finishing three assignments, he printed his work and took it to his dad and said, “Look dad, I just earned gold stars!”

Autism Recovery: One Month Update

After one month of autism recovery with 4 dermal chelations to lower his mercury and arsenic levels, Daniel began teaching himself as he zoomed through his course work. He was able to vie with his brothers for conversations and attention in more age appropriate ways.

Daniels Autism Recovery: Three Month Update

Autism recovery allowed Daniel to begin thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up.  Most beautiful of all, Daniel was making good eye contact and smiling again!


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Patrick Keeps Progressing


Video on Autism Progress

Can a child diagnosed with autism lose the desire to stim?  Follow Patrick’s progress and see just how much he improves.


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