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Competitor’s Faulty Detox Equipment

Cheaper Competitor’s Detox Equipment

Inside Edition indicated that the resulting water for every detox performed with the equipment they used looked the same.  In the pictures below, it is obvious that this is not true with the equipment that we use.  Inside Edition also indicated that they tested detox water that had nothing but rust in it.   The testing of our resulting detox water indicated that many things that could have only come from the human body were present.  This simply indicates that the machines that they used for the testing were faulty.  We contacted Inside Edition to make them aware of their mistaken mislabeling of ALL detox equipment on the basis of the faulty equipment they chose to test.  We encouraged them to repeat their study using our equipment and they have yet to respond.

Consider This:

Medically approved blood pressure cups would not be labeled as unreliable or part of a scam just because someone began selling faulty blood pressure cups!  Likewise, the fact that people have produced faulty versions of our detox equipment, does not make our equipment unreliable or part of a scam.   As you can see in the pictures below,  the water can look very different for people.  People from third world countries might think that it is impossible to take a picture of your brain while it is still inside your body.  Their thinking that and presenting “facts” indicating that an MRI machine is a scam, doesn’t change the fact that the MRI machine takes the pictures.


What should have happened?

It would be irresponsible for a reputable company to make such a mistake and not correct it.  Inside Edition should have included properly functioning equipment to show that there are ionic detox machines that works.   Actually, their story on detox equipment should merely be a warning not to get scammed by companies using imitation equipment.  It is just that simple.  We invite you to go beyond flawed theories and thinking and look at the real facts.  Give a real detox foot bath a try and know the difference!


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